5G Expansion

5G has by far the most disruptive biological potential on the planet. Yet, as the world focused on the pandemic, few noticed the rapid 5G landscape change.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in Sept. 2021 began a 1.9 billion dollar program paying telecom carriers, like T-mobile, Verizon, and ATT to “rip and replace” network equipment as part of the program to connect every American to reliable high-speed internet.

There is no reason (in the companies eyes) for them to not upgrade to the newest and fastest equipment out there.  The newest and fastest equipment means stronger wireless signals, more 5G towers, and an overall increase to 5G saturation nationwide. 

Carriers will be able to apply for the funds through Jan. 14, 2022. After funding has been secured we can expect Telecom companies to begin upgrading and replacing older equipment.

Since 1990 Advanced Tachyon Technologies has been the world leader in neutralizing disruptors from EMF’s, ELF’s, cell phone radiation, and more. We have always recognized that the best solution for EMF and 5G protection is a wholistic approach. Tachyonized tools help to raise the biological energy throughout a human system to a level where the individual is unaffected by 5G technology.